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Peso Korner

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Paano ba mag-Invest sa Philippine Stock Market?

Intimidating ba para sa iyo ang mag-invest sa Stock Market? Actually hindi naman mahirap kabayan, I will explain in this post, 3 ways on how to invest in the Philippine Stock Market.

1) thru a traditional stockbroker - you need to hire a stockbroker,  an accredited individual or company who charges a fee for their services to execute your buy and sell instruction.  
You will always be in contact with your agent thru phone calls or written instructions. You will also benefit from your agent's technical know-how about the stocks, they can provide suggestions, result of trends and study. Easy breezy. You can check this link, for accredited individual and corporate traders by PSE. 

2) thru an online stockbroker - thanks to the internet, we can now do the trading ourselves. Para lang syang internet banking. You have the complete control over your investment, you have to do your own study and choose which stocks to put your money on. 

For online trading, you have to open an account which is similar to opening a regular savings account with your bank. Then you can start trading online. I pasted below the accredited online brokers (taken from PSE website) for your reference. Browse their websites, choose one, then follow their instruction on how to open an account with them. At the moment, most popular are Col Financial (previously Citisec Online), FirstMetroSec (First Metro Securities) and BPI Trading.

Online Brokers
Minimum deposit
Affiliate bank/s
AB Capital Securities,,000Metrobank
Abacus Securities,000Metro Bank, RCBC, Bdo, UBP
Accord Capital Equities Corporationhttps://www.accordcapital.phP5,000BDO, BPI
Angping & Associates Securities, Inc.www.angpingonline.comP5,000 for students, P15,000 for professionalsMetrobank 
BA Securities Inc. statedMetrobank
BPI Securities Corporationwww.bpitrade.comP500, none if you have a BPI accountBPI
COL Financial Group, Inc.www.colfinancial.comPHP 5,000 (COL Starter); PHP 25,000 (COL Plus); PHP 1 million (COL Premium)BPI, BDO, Metrobank, AUB
DA Market Securities,000 BPI, BDO, Metrobank, RCBC
F. Yap Securities, Inc.www.2tradeasia.comP25,000RCBC and BDO
First Metro Securities Brokerage,000 Metrobank
Investors Securities, Inc.https://investorsonline.psetradex.phnot statednot stated
Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities, Inc. 25,000Maybank
Optimum Onlineoptimumonline.psetradex.phn/aRCBC 
RCBC Securities, Inc.www.rcbcsec.comP10,000rcbc
Regina Capitalreginacapital.psetradex.phn/an/a
Timson Securities,000BPI, BDO, Metrobank
UTrade by UniCapital Securitiesutradeph.comP10,000BDO, BPI, Chinabank, Malayan
Wealth Securities, Inc.www.wealthsec.netP10,000UnionBank, BDO, BPI, EastWest Bank, RCBC, Metrobank

3) thru Equity Funds of mutual fund companies and UITF's of banks. If directly investing in stocks is still too intimidating for you, you can still invest in stocks by joining pooled funds managed by investment companies (mutual funds) or banks (UITF's - Unit Investment Trust Funds). For a fee, you will use their expertise, they will be the one to choose where to invest the pooled funds. In here, you won't have any control over you cash you will rely on their expertise. I will post the best performing Equity funds and UITF's in the Philippines separately.

So mahirap ba mag-invest sa stock market? hindi naman di ba? specially now that we can do it online. We learn from experience and lahat naman intimidating sa simula but later on, expert na din tayo dyan! So may P5,000 ka ba? Pwede ka nang mag start mag stock trading online or thru mutual funds! Goodluck kabayan! Always remember that the best time to invest is NOW!


  1. This is a good article for beginners in stock market and investment. You are encouraging growth that will benefit our countrymen. Keep it up and continue to make easy to read articles on what seemingly a hard topic to digest.

  2. It's also great now that there are many people on Facebook groups sharing tips and guides on what stocks to buy. They are also willing to teach how to build your stock portfolio.

  3. Online stock trading just made it easier for anyone to manage his/her stock investments. I can see more and more people invest in the PSE. I will wait a bit after the 2016 elections, to be more active in my small portfolio. ;)

  4. Matagal ko ng gustong subukan ang Stock Market. you post helps a lot para mas maintindihan ko pa ang ins and out sa stock market.

  5. Planning to invest too at the stock market. I have one with insurance and I want my money to grow and not just wasting for trips and foods :)

  6. I want to invest my money too at the stock market. I have one with insurance and at least money is there unlike saving it in the bank with lower interest rate.

  7. very good article for beginners on investing. In stock market you must have lots of time, but if not you can also invest on mutual funds.

  8. Planning to invest, need to have first the P5000 and because I'm trying to get to the next level.

  9. Great information! I recommend BPI and COL Financial, they have great execution and have top-notch research teams full of Chartered Financial Analysts. They can help guide you in growing your money.

    Everyone should invest in the stock market!

  10. Thanks for the inputs, I am currently reviewing some financial forum sites about investing in stock market. The best I guess for me is through bank.

  11. I actually read before about investing Philippine stock market at nainganyo ako sumali. I will definitely try this in the near future. Thanks.

  12. I prefer going with stockbrokers over managing the fund myself as they have full access to information and would be better at trading. I would just probably set my loss limits.