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Peso Korner

Sunday, September 28, 2014

3 Things That Are Worth Spending Your Money On

life quote: "Life is like an ice cream, eat it before it melts."

Life is meant to be enjoyed. It doesn't mean that my blog is about finance that I will discourage enjoying the NOW and rant endlessly about savings. C'mon guys, the intent of our dream of financial independence is so we can enjoy life better by being able to afford things that will make us happy and relieve any guilt from financial liability.  

Spending like Saving is also a necessity. We work and save so we can spend, right? So let me share just 3 things that for me are worth spending our money on:

1) HEALTH - Health is wealth. What is the sense of us working hard, if time will come that our savings won't even be enough to cure our sickness because we overworked? Prevention is always better than cure. Let me share this quote too:

health quote

For me, health care is very important. For us pinoys, we have Philhealth and SSS right, but those are not enough. Unlike most countries who receive full medical coverage from their government  we don't have one. I still remember being an expat living in Malaysia, they are charging Rm50 to foreigners for every visit to their hospital regardless of the nature. And that is like Php700. I had an ear surgery (ruptured eardrum) and one month supply of prescribed medicines for just Php700! How much is surgery nowadays in the Philippines? If you are employed then probably you have a health insurance provided by the company but how about your family? A few hundred a month is not that expensive, please take note that it also covers  annual medical exam, unlimited consultations and dental benefits.  If you will check how much you are shelling out a year with just the consultations you will realise that having a health insurance is well worth the cost.  

2) EDUCATION - we should invest in ourselves. As we all know we need a diploma just to be able to apply for work, even for factory workers, most companies require a diploma. Competition is tough and without a college degree our chances of making it in the corporate world are too small.  

education quote, importance of education

We need to continuously educate ourselves also with things we don't normally learn in school, like honing our skills. If you like photography then take photography classes, if you are interested in the stock market then go ahead, you have the internet, free seminars, books and forums as your  keys to learn more. The list is endless and thanks to technology we can get the education we need online nowadays and some are even for free.

3) WELLBEING - we are working and saving to fuel our needs to have a fulfilling life. Go ahead and spend for things that make you happy taking into consideration of course your financial limitations. Enroll in a gym or a dance class with your friends, if you can't afford it then why not organise a regular dance or fitness session at home with your friends? There a lot of fitness videos online for free, that would be fun.  Go enjoy movie nights with you nieces and nephews. Enjoy shopping with your friends at bargain stores. Schedule a trip with your friends occasionally somewhere and just have fun! This is the purpose we are saving, to be able to afford the things that will make us enjoy life. We just need to learn to control our spending and to live within our means.

wellbeing quote

Being "rich" is a state of mind. Even if you are earning a 6 digit salary, it doesn't automatically mean that you are rich. A person earning less could be richer, it is just a matter of learning the trick of living within your means.  Let me share this one as a parting quote:

life quote


  1. I really agree esp. in investing in education. It may be hard to save up at first because of so many wants and needs in life but once you set your mind in to something, it will get easier.

  2. I totally agree - anything that aids your body and health is very important - knowledge is power and the key to a lot of things. So its all worth it too.

  3. Everyone of us has its own life and our choices must be reached by what we are hoping for. So, life depends on what you have at present, what you want and what you desire to have in the future. Happiness in life, also, depends on a person disposition, status, and personality.

  4. I really agree spending money on the well being. Most especially if you are working hard, this will definitely be worth it.

  5. All of the items are true! Especially for me education and health, we need to be educated so that we can face the world heads up.

  6. I completely agree with this blog post. Very well said and that quote right at the end really says it all :)

  7. Very simple but very true. These are the core of everything, all others follow.

  8. I agree that we can spend on health, education and well being. Sometimes, people deprive themselves too much that they forget to care for themselves.

  9. I think that 3 things is 110% True. After all what happens to my family, having the knowledge can make you a living and having a healthy and character will bring you to a fortune satisfied life.

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